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Wedding planning scene

Wedding Attendants Served Gari Soakings As Refreshment in Nigeria

Most of the time a marriage ceremony is meant to bring joy and happiness to the couple, their family and their friends. The day of marriage is a very special day for the marriage couples since it marks the beginning of their journey as one couple and one unified family. Many people love to go for weddings and engagements because there you will get to meet with old friends and relatives and that will help you to bond more with them.

Some Nigerian Couples have set a record at their wedding reception. They have decided to make their reception session simple and without using a lot of money. They have done it the simple way with no excessive waste of money. Their motto was simple "if you can't handle it you can't walkout". As we are all aware, a lot of investment goes into a marriage ceremony as well as the reception which sometimes in the end, leads to the couple getting indebted after the wedding.

So this couple decided that they would not have to face any problems after their marriage.

Take a look at pics from their wedding reception and the Gari they took.

Photo Credit: OccupyGh

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