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Samira Bawumia’s Look-Alike Spotted

Except for twins who share the same genetic prints, it is hardly explained why some people, very distant, do share some similarities in physique especially facials. Commonly we reference someone that resembles another we know as his or her ‘look-alike’.


I was scrolling through a series of pictures on the internet about beautiful Muslim. Well, the search was quite limited to Turkish and Indian Muslim ladies and I honestly admired their beauty.


Suddenly I bumped into this beautiful and decently dressed Muslim who looks just as our Second Lady, H.E Samira Bawumia. Her name is undisclosed but her looks if not for her being fairer could have made believe she is Samira Bawumia’s twin or a distant cousin.


From her forehead to the chin the curvatures of her face are just like Samira. The shape of her nose, cheeks and eye balls are unbelievably similar. Except for the slight thickness in Samira Bawumia’s lip [which is characteristic of the African], there is a greater degree of similarity between the two.


A facial recognition technology could at best tell the degree and frequency of these similar physiological features between this unknown woman and Samira Bawumia. Indeed, mother nature has a way to surprise mankind.

As Muslims celebrate Eid today, I hope they pray and have their heart felt desires granted.

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