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5 Things You Should Never Allow A Woman Do To You.

Thank you and welcome back to my page. In this article, I'm going to talk about the five things you should never let your lady do to you. Because you guys are way too nice and accept way too much from these girls, and that is something you should not let them do to you. And she might just be playing around with you, saying she doesn't really love you. Because to me, if a woman is doing these five things that I'm about to mention below, then I see her as a woman who doesn't truly love me.

1. Alienate you from friends and family.

If you are with a woman who doesn't like you to be with your friends or family, then she is not a true lover. She doesn't love you. Because, how can you isolate your man from his friends and family? These people have been the ones around him from day one, and now you want him to get rid of his loved ones. That is not right. Don't allow a woman to do that to you as a man.

2. Buy things you can't afford.

Although you might be a rich guy, you should ask yourself why she keeps letting you buy expensive things that you don't even buy for your parents or sisters. And she can't even let you go beyond things you can't afford. If you are with such a woman, then you should advise yourself.

3. Snoop.

She wants to know everything about you. She wants to know your private matters. She can take your phone and start going through it. That is not a good sign for a woman. It means she doesn't trust you. Don't let women do that to you.

4. Cheat on you.

If you are with a woman who is fond of cheating, but because you love her you can't let her go, then I think you need to advise yourself. You can't allow her to continue that kind of unaccepted behaviour in a relationship. My guy doesn't allow any woman to do that to you, and don't think because you love her you can't get rid of her.

5. Keeping you away from other women

She doesn't want you to make friends or talk to other women. If you are with that kind of woman, leave her instantly. She doesn't trust you or the relationship.

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