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Never Trust People: Man Narrates How His Best Friend Betrayed Him By Taking The Job Meant For Him

 To get a true friend is quite difficult so one must be very careful in the way one confides in people. They may seem like your true friend but when you open your secret to them, they will be the first person to expose your secret to the world to see. Though there are still some people who are worthy to be called true friends, these true friends are very scarce to recognize. So, all in all, we must be very careful in trusting people.

However, just to prove our point let's look at the story of a young man who was betrayal by his best friend. And according to a young identified as Effiong G. Victor on Facebook, he narrates how his best friend went behind his back and took a job offer that was meant for him. And this made me wonder why a friend could do such a thing to his friend. Though we don't know the situation the friend might be but that doesn't give you the right to do that to people.

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