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Guys: You can make her think about you without talking to her by doing these

Welcome to my channel once again, in today's article, I will be sharing with you how you can make a girl think about you or Betty still impress her without talking to her.

Below are some tips

Wear nice clothes.

Girls are attracted to boys with a good sense of fashion. I mean, who would want to go out in public next to a pile of trash?

Work out.

Generally speaking, girls like guys who are either slim, toned, or just plain muscular. Take care of your body.

Make eye contact and smile. Not a long smile but just a glance and a short smile that'll leave her thinking about it/you for hours. Days even.

Become famous among her friends

Slowly start being humorous and witty with her friend and be a little popular among them. Visit the friends often. Get your mutual friends compliment you in front of them without your presence - Don't be extravagant

Twists and Tweaks

Be in a Off-and-on state with her. Sometime say 'Hi' to her. Sometimes when you roam around just don't look at her as if you are not intensionally ignoring her - just as you're busy. This will make her think what are you up to. She'll be confused. And her friends praising her and her confusions. Towards you will apparently lead her to be impressed by you without you talking to her


There is also huge chance that might help you make your lady think about you always because of some wild rumour about you that is going around. If these girls are in the same circles, there are certain wild rumours that might have spread with or without your knowledge and suddenly the girls want to find out for themselves. Some of these rumours could include hidden wealth, being a tiger in bed, secretly being part of a cool

Thanks for reading. please follow my page for interesting write-ups.

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