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Date Rush: Give 3 Reasons Why You Don't Love Me - Ruth Queries Sammy

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Date Rush Season 5, episode 4, and your beautiful ladies: Joana, Khadija, Gloria, Maria, Cindy, Fatima, Ruth, Bella, Aku sika and Bibi are ready for love. 

Sammy a KNUST final student on Date Rush was rejected by the 10 beautiful ladies, I don't know your sentiment about that, but as far as Date Rush is concerned, everyone deserves Love but not everyone get Love. 

Sadly I was very disappointed in Sammy for moving out of 10 beautiful ladies without a single date. Hmmm!! 

Contrary, I applaud the ladies for their kind gestures, you see one thing you should know about these ladies is, when you disrespect one of them, none of them will put on their rush for you and that was what happens to Sammy. 

Sammy mounted the stage with his dope back and forth dancing levels, could it be why the ladies gave him all 10 rushes after his first profile video? Who knows!! 

After the second and final profile video, only 1(Ruth) rush was on, Sammy nearly collapse!! 

Ruth being the only opinion for Sammy was just like him being in a pandemonium. 

Ruth was having this mutual feelings for Sammy but Sammy on the hand was behaving like a child they just took his toy away from. 

Quickly, Ruth took the mic and ask Sammy to look at her, 'me I like you, do you like me? She asked' and Sammy said the connection is not there. 

Ruth asked Sammy to give her 3 reasons why he doesn't love her despite her love for him. 

Sammy was like... 

1 my parent are very serious about the age difference. 

2, you look order than me and I don't want someone to say you are my mother when we walk out in town. 

3, um umm!!...

Ruth was okay with the 2 points so she asked him to stop. Bella asked him if he came to play with their feelings or what.

Sammy said he is only trying to be honest. Yes!! You can be honest but that doesn't give you the guts to hurt others feelings. 

Lets be serious here, Ruth is a beautiful lady just that if you didn't fall in love with a lady you can't acknowledge her comeliness. 

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