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"Disheartening" - I Nearly Poisoned My Son To Death Because Men Think I'm An Outcast

Life has given my fair share of it. I've been through a lot of trauma and don't think there's nothing urgent to solve it. My name is Karen and I'm 24 years. My emotional life has been a bit difficult for me and I don't know what exactly to do. I got impregnated at the age of 14 and gave birth to a son. The worst is that, I got impregnated by my own stepfather and that has made me have depression for several years. I fear men and can't have a perfect conversation with them.

After the birth of my son, I had to leave in search of green pastures in the neighboring city. I never knew most men refuse to marry single mothers until I got pregnant. My life as a single mother has been full of pain and a lot of heartbreaks. Anytime I get in contact with a man who wants to marry me, when he later finds out I'm a single mother, her rejects me.

Most men play with my emotions since I'm desperately in search of someone who would comfort me and can sacrifice everything for the sake of me. Every man I meet tells me I'm good and can be a perfect wife but he can't marry someone who is a single mother. That has served as a big blow to me for the past years. I nearly poisoned my only son since I knew was the only blockade to my emotional happiness. Men think single mothers are outcast and I'm down emotionally.

That has grown my undying hatred for him. Eventhough he has done nothing wrong, I treat him badly and wish I never gave birth to him. He always tries to make me happy but I continue to hate him. I've loss everything just because of him. I recently met a man online who wanted to marry me but later gave up because I was a single mother.

Please help a depressed sister. I'm really paralyzed emotionally.

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