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6 Things Women Don't Want Men To Do To Them In Relationships.

There are certain things women don't want their partner to do to them. Because this hurt their feelings for you. It is no doubt that humans make mistakes. Especially when it comes to relationship. As a man, you should also understand that there are some behavior women dislike and never want to be treated in such a way. Here are 6 things women don't want in their relationship.

1. Lie to her face.

Women dislike and hate it when a man or her partner lies to her face. As a man, you should understand that no woman will be happy when you lie to her face, and she finds out. This can cause lack of trust in the relationship. So as a man, it is advisable you don't tell lies for any reason in your relationship. If you want to build trust and have a healthy relationship.

2. Being unsupportive.

As a man, you can't tell her you love her when you don't support her. As a man, you should be among the people she can always count on. Women don't like a man who makes excuses, even when they know he has all it takes to help. So as a man, you should always be there for her even when things are not going as planned. This will make her cherish and love you more.

3. By showing less concern for her feelings.

Women hate it when their partner shows less concern for their feelings. As a man, you should know that the first step of losing a woman is showing less concern for her feelings. Women like to be listened to. And women also feel bad when their partner doesn't care to know how they feel for him. As a man, you should always pay attention to her to know when she is worried. This will show her that you truly care for her. That is why it is important you always show concern for your partner's feelings.

4. Hurting her feelings.

As a man, it is also important you know that women don't like it when you hurt their feelings. So you always have to show her that she is really special to you by not to hurt her feelings. Or saying a hurtful word to her. Or doing anything that can hurt her feelings. Always be mindful of what you say, so you don't disappoint her.

5. Promise and fail.

6. Poor communication.

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