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Lady Shares What Happened After She Broke Up With The Married Man She Has Been Dating For Years

Ellen Agyeiwaa, a 30 years old lady from Effiduase opened up on what happened after he broke up with the married man she dated for years and decide to get married to her new boyfriend. According to the lady she traveled to Accra years ago in search of a job. She came across a married man named Kwabena who was very rich. The married man supported her to learn a skill and rent a room for her and also provided everything she needs.

A year later she travelled to her hometown for a funeral, she came across Kwame Owusu who proposed to her at that moment. She was taken aback by this proposal but told her to give her some period. The following morning Kwame give her a call and again told her that he is seriously searching for a partner and he has developed interest in her and he is willing to marry her if she accepts his proposal.

Ellen said she accepted the proposal and informed her family before she travel to Accra to continue her work. They keep in touch for some months before she had affair with him, the lady said life in Accra seems difficult for her so she made arrangements and went to stay with her boyfriend in Juaben.

The man advised her to do abortion few months after she conceive for him and they made plans for their marriage before having a child. She then went back to Accra to work for some months but her boyfriend was not in support of having a distance relationship. Kwame continues to put her under to agree for the marriage ceremony to be taken place.

Ellen revealed that she delayed this marriage because she was dating a married man who takes proper care of her and was ready to buy her a land and opened a shop for her so it was difficult for her to marry Kwame. Her family members advised her to quit her relationship with Kwabena before its too late.

The lady continue saying that she broke up with Kwabena and accepted the marriage. She packed all her belongings and came back to Kumasi all in the name of getting married to Kwame. Five days later, the man called to disclose to her that he is no longer interested in the marriage again and was willing to compensate her with anything she desire.

She was surprised about it so he went to his workplace to confront him about why he broke up with her but he confessed to her that he was putting her on a trial. But since that day she didn't visit her or even give her a call. She became sad about what was happening so he went to his parent's house to inform them about Kwame's behavior.

His parents revealed to her that the man is married, she was surprised about what the man's parents told her, she then threatened to kill him for persuading him to break up with the married man. His parents pleaded with her to forgive him but will rent a room for her in Accra for her to go back but Kwame gave her only GHC1,400. Ellen is requesting for Kwame to buy her the land and opened the shop the married man was willing to do for her before she will allow him to have peace in his marriage.

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