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Husband and wife relationship

"I Slept With My Cousin Because My Husband Never Sustained Me enough But I Regret it” Woman Pleads

On Rambo TV today, a woman named Catherine pleads with her ex-husband Robert to take her back. She has learnt her lessons after she neglected her husband and slept with her cousin, who gave her money in return. 

Catherine, a mother of four, pleads with her ex-husband to forgive her after she slept with her cousin. Catherine complained that Robert wasn't giving her enough money, so she started selling vegetables, but quit because she wasn't making enough money and found a job in a nightclub house. 

Robert, who could only afford their daily meals, persuaded his wife to quit and manage the little he provided, plus the pocket money he gave her. Catherine started neglecting her husband and denying him her body. She started sleeping outside and challenging her husband, reminding him how poor he was and couldn't provide for all her needs. 

Catherine began bringing in her cousin to quench her sexual thirst in their marital bed while she denied her husband access to her body. One day, her husband came back earlier than expected and caught them. Catherine left him after 2 years. 

Catherine is back pleading on Rambo TV for her husband's forgiveness. They're sorry. In other words, Robert made it clear that he is married and would not accept her back. Catherine doesn't want to become single and wants her husband to accept her back. If you were Robert, would you forgive her and accept her back?

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