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How to have a healthy relationship as a guy.

Being in a relationship is not a bad risk to take because it is part of our nature, it keeps the world going.these are some ways of having a healthy relationship as a guy.

1.Spend enough time with her.

If you want to have a healthy relationship. You should spend enough time with your girlfriend, so that she wouldn't think you are having a relationship with another girl, girls do what they're concience tells them,tell her sweet things(how lucky you are to have her and how special she is to you,make her feel like a queen in another world, convince her ,let her know how much you love her,you can also take her for a walk, talk about the future,take some plans with her.

2.You can buy her some gifts.

This is one of the most effective way to have a healthy relationship. If you buy your girlfriend a gift without her knowing,it tells her how much you think about her even when you go out,but do not do it too much,if not, she would always expect gifts, and she would be interested in gifts rather than you, some girls will ask you to stop wasting too much money on them but rather keep it for the future.

3.teach her

Not to be specific,you can teach her everything at all only if you know, about life, education, plans training, etc. Some girls luck some of these things because lots of them are from pampering homes, but if you love her and she's the only one you want to be with,then you should help her. Being in a relationship always doesn't mean saying I love you, but you should also be her help mate. This even makes them talk about you to their friends when they meet.

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