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A 17-year-old Kumasi-based kid is in grieved waters as his 'better half' and side chick are both pregnant, two months separated. Kofi (all names referenced are not genuine) is said to have impregnated his 'significant other' after his paramour ventured out to remain with her mom because of pregnancy confusions. 

Seven-months-old pregnant Ama, who shared her story on Nhyira FM's Obra, expressed that she engaged in a desirous relationship with Kofi after he requested her hand in marriage. 

Notwithstanding her family restricting their marriage plans based on age, 15-year-old Ama proceeded to guilefully go through the night with her sweetheart. 

From performing family tasks to warming his bed around evening time, Ama lived with Kofi like a couple in his little room he imparts to his companions. Their ventures prompted an impromptu pregnancy, for which Ama needed to stop her schooling at Junior High School (JHS 1). 

Notwithstanding conceding liability regarding her pregnancy, Ama guaranteed that Kofi has not passed out even a penny since she took seed, a circumstance that has turned their young love acrid. It was during the to and fro between families that a stunner was dropped; Kofi had effectively impregnated an additional 16-year-old young lady whom he was dating prior to meeting Ama. 

As indicated by Kofi's sister, who talked on a similar stage, the family concurred for her to remain with her mom till she takes care of. It was in that maternity period that Kofi proposed to, went similar to playing out a 'thumping service' and impregnating his new young lady Ama. 

Presently, the 16-year-old is in her last trimester while Ama is as yet two months from labor. Considering his deficient assets from his transport directing (mate) and the difficulty that is approaching, Kofi is at present on the run. He is accepted to chill some place at Nzema.

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