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For the night: Know what is crushing your sex drive

It is really depressing when you have a really hard time not being able to enjoy your sex life. You don’t know where you went wrong and have series of unanswered questions. You must understand that what we eat, destroys our libido, mostly without our knowledge. 

In here, I would take you through some of the foods that keeps crushing your sex drive as well as situations that do so. 

1. Fried foods: says “eating fried with your partner could suppress your desires later on. Though some women have tried eating fries after sex to boost their chances of pregnancy, there is little evidence that it would work.”

2. Coffee:

The health site says that “caffeine can be bad for your sex life. So limit your caffeine intake to boost your libido”. 

3. Body image:

When you don’t have self-love, you wouldn’t be much open to another person seeing your nakedness. There would be questions roaming through your mind that you would be absent minded. says “if you find yourself more self-conscious about your body you may less likely to jump into the sheets with your man, or woman”.

4. Anxiety:

This happens to most people. Again says that “if you are fearful of getting pregnant or stressed out from work, it will be next to impossible to get into the moment”. You just have to clear your mind and enjoy yourself. If you are with full of fear, kindly use protection.

Thank you for reading.

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