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Sing A Love Song To The One You Love

Sing a love song

Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my lover among young men. I delight to sit in his shade and his fruit is my taste- Song of Solomon 2:3

Most of the time Love is compared with the beauty of a person, how eloquent she is and how good she is in bed.

It is selfish when love is defined in this narrow señse to suit one's personal desires. Love mainly involves actions and attitudes to meet your spouse's needs irrespective of ones beauty or feelings.

Love in the right direction is in three dimensions and all these are supposed to be seen in a good marriage.

They are: Eros, Phila and Agape. But I want to concentrate on the Eros.

Eros Love- It refers to love that has to do with intimacy. And it is based on personal intriguing type of love which we normally see on our TV screens and margarines. Eros always had to do with an alluring response. This kind of love is mostly seen within married men and women because it involves sharing of one bed between married couples.

Therefore if this is not seen in a marriage then that marriage is not totally complete. Eros is also romantic love, and according to research, is the main reason people get married. 

In this wise if a man or woman is blessed with this kinda love, he or she need to sing a love song every day. Because love is the message and the Message is Love. From the tree to the mountains and the heavens above.

If you have gotten such love from another, then let the world know that through your daily love songs.

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Agape Eros Eros Love- Phila


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