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He was my husband's best man but this was what he was planning to do to me.

My name is Abigail, and I am 28 years old. I met my husband at his workplace when doing my national service. We started out as friends and then started dating. I realised during our dating that he is a visionary, kind, and compassionate guy who is always willing to listen and support you in any circumstance you tell him about. As a result, when he proposed to me to marry him, I immediately said yes. And before our wedding he introduced me to his best friend.

My husband told me that they've been best friends since they were kids, and that if no one tells you, you'll think they're brothers, and he is going to be his best man. The friend was really funny and would always say a joke to make us all laugh, so I became friends with him as well. Then the wedding day came.

And it was the most exciting day of my life because all of my friends and family members came to celebrate with us. But during the ceremony I noticed that my husband's friend was staring at me a lot, but I didn't think much of it.

My husband and I went on a one week honeymoon after the wedding and then returned to begin our married life. But, a month after our wedding, my husband's job transferred him to a new place, and as a result, he now travels to work and returns home on weekends, leaving me alone at home.

When my husband began traveling for work, his best friend began paying frequent visits to me, often claiming that since my husband was not there, it was important for him to check on me to see if everything was okay. Then he began to stay for longer periods of time and eventually began eating at our home. He became too comfortable in the house and began showering me with compliments, starting from how attractive I am to how delicious the food I prepare is. All of this was normal for me, and so I thanked him for it.

One day I heard a knock around 8 p.m. and opened the door to see my husband's friend standing outside. I asked what the problem was, and he said he had only come to see me. I told him it was 8 in the evening. 

And that's it happened, he made a move on me, and I pushed him away. He began by saying that he couldn't stop thinking about me, that he loves me, and that if I love him back, he would do anything for me because he has more money than my husband. I told him I loved my husband and that he should leave before I started screaming, and he did.

And now my husband is coming home for the weekend, and I'm not sure whether I should tell himc or not because I don't want him and his best friend to start fighting because of me. So please tell me what to do should tell him or not.

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