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Reasons Why You Should Stop Spending Money To Impress A Woman

Most men starting out in a relationship, think that they can spend more money to get the woman of their dreams. Well, in this article i am going to share with you some of the reasons why you should stop spending more money to impress a woman.

1 When a man spends money to impress a woman, one thing that he does wrong is, the woman is probably not the one for him.

2 When a man spends so much money on woman, he's going to feel some weight inside no matter what. Because if you gave to get something, you are under-appreciating yourself. Women by nature do expect some sort of financial stability from men, but as a man, you don't have to be the richest man to get a woman. But you do have to have some financial stability behind you, some type of purpose, some type of passion besides a woman. As a man, you should'nt have to shoulder the financial burdens of a woman, just because she needs your help in a relationship, and most good men get this misconstrued.

There is a desire as a good person to help someone in need. But when it comes to romantic relationships, you shouldn't just dive into those and start paying a woman's bills.And you get easily into the 'people-pleasing' mentality by doing this. If you find yourself spending money easily, going on a five-star restaurant on a first date, because this is the hottest girl you've ever met, and you can't really afford the five-star restaurant, then why are you doing this in the first place?.It is because you are coming from an approval-seeking behaviour.

3 If you desire to have a good woman, understand that you don't have to spend money, and it doesn't matter how much money you spent on her. You can do simple things with the woman in the begining to get to know her.You can give her gifts to start with.So, if you are going into a relationship, setting the tone by trying to over impress a woman, you're going to get broke, exhausted, you're going to feel under-appreciated and honestly, you're going to have a lack of control.

4 One of the things i've noticed with men spending so much on women, is that they're not confident within themselves.Spending so much money in a relationship does not give you quality women. What gives you a quality woman is the way you think of yourself, and how you act within yourself, and how you portray yourself to people, especially women. Remember, love is not something that you'll ever find yourself having to buy. Stop spending every dime of your paycheck to ge this woman to desire you. Find other ways; what are things that you desire in your life?. Stop chasing to impress a woman, and let this woman impress you too.

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