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Husband and wife relationship

I Snatched my Sister’s Husband and I Don’t Regret

I decided to share this story because a lot of people who know me are so judgmental and blaming me for what happened even though they don't really know how we got here.

People kill each other in relationships every day. I think this is because most of them don't want to leave toxic relationships because of public order. They are afraid of what other people will say about their relationship. Honestly, you don't have to worry about what people will say.

My sister Marie married Joe because she was pregnant. And he himself said that to me. He realized that Joe wasn't even his father.

But she's already engaged to Joe, the man she doesn't love. Instead of leaving the relationship, my sister decided to stay and make her husband's life a living hell.

To be honest, Joe loved him, but nothing made him happy. She wanted to take control of the man's life, including her own happiness.

He is in charge of his bank account and gives him an allowance when he goes to work. Even so, she still cheated on her husband with the baby's father.

I saw the pain my daughter-in-law was in and decided to do something. I want to break this relationship. I've always admired Joe and always wondered what he looked like under his clothes.

To realize my plan, I sought the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a popular healer in Kenya. It is known that Mugwenu solved almost all the problems of the world.

I told him that I wanted my sister to break up with her husband. The doctor promised to grant my request.

A week later my sister called me to cry. He told me that Joe knew he was not the biological father of his child. I advised my sister to end the relationship.

I am married to JOE now and believe me, everyone except my sister is happy.

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