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Guys, If a girl exhibits these signs towards you, she is crushing on you

Ladies do show some signs if they have a crush on a guy or have feelings for a guy, In this piece, we are going to look at five subtle signs which shows that a girl likes you

1. Invasion of personal space.

There are two forms of invasion of personal space.When a girl invades your personal space. She’ll stand so close to you that your arm will brush against her breasts. It can get little uncomfortable at times when a guy makes a sudden movement of his arm. She’ll also try to touch you at random moments. Now, there are some girls who touch a guy out of habit, hence this one is not too concrete a sign. She lets you invade her personal space. This one is more concrete. A girl will let a man touch her only if she absolutely trusts him. From a simple pat on the shoulder to holding her arms. You can tell easily when a girl feels comfortable from the touch of man she likes. If a girl isn’t uncomfortable from your touch, she may like you.

2. The way you two look at each other. Again, two forms of it. The girl wants to see her man as someone she can look up to. A girl would generally prefer a man who is taller than her, regardless of how tall she herself is. If that is not possible, she’ll either change her posture, or she’ll make you stand somewhere where you look taller than her. You know a girl likes you when she looks at you as someone she can look up to. Alternatively, a girl likes to be seen as a child. Regardless of how strong or independent the girl is, she wants to be seen as a child by the man she likes. She likes it when you look at her that way. That smile when you look at her is reserved only for you.

3. Secret sharing.

Two forms again, I’ll say.

If a girl likes you, she will share her secrets with you. Chances are that she may have shared her secrets with the guy she liked before you, but she will share her secrets with you anyway.

Men usually don’t share their secrets as immediately as a girl will, but if they do, the girl keeps them. The girl keeps the secrets hidden from everyone she knows. Guys, if you find a keeper, don’t ever lose her. She shows you her reserved traits. She’ll be a different person in front of you. The ways to know those is through the excuses she makes to talk to you. One of those is long walks. In parks. She’ll randomly call you up and ask you to walk with her. She uses the walk as an excuse to crib in front of you. She’ll talk about her day, she’ll talk about who did what to her. Even when you’re in two different time zones, she’ll do it. And she’ll prefer when she is done from work to talk to you. Oh yeah, as a guy, if you know a girl who has a boyfriend and if you wrote something for her on her birthday, chances are that the boyfriend will know.

If you’re in a group, or if you are in a crowded setup, she’ll either stand next to you or at a place where she can directly see you. She’ll find an excuse to pull you both away from the crowd. And she will keep talking to you.

Bonus signs (which I’ll keep adding)

4. She’ll shower her liking to you in small gestures. If you two ever fight, she’s always the first one to apologize. Whether it is her mistake or not. She can’t stay angry on you for too long. She wants to make things return to normalcy as soon as possible. Now, there are girls who do this by habit. Regardless of whether you two are in a relationship or not. She sees you as a very good friend, and it really hurts her if you are angry on her for whatsoever reason. She will be the first to apologize, and she will always apologize for the stupidest fights until she decides she has had enough.

She tells you random details about her. Also helps is the fact that she confides that detail in you if she really trusts you.

5. She’ll talk a lot. And if she already talks a lot she’ll probably just talk even more. Most men wouldn’t notice the difference if the talking has increased, but if she’s attracted to you she wants to tell you everything. I mean everything. Even useless information like people at work that annoy her.

She will remember things you tell her, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you she is going to keep it in mind, so don’t be surprised if she knows your entire birth chart because you mentioned your birthday casually in a conversation.

6. Her body language will be more relaxed. She probably wouldn’t even mind crossing that personal space from time to time to touch your arm or to remove a piece of lint from your shirt. It’s an excuse to show she’s into you.

Instead of saying “my friend” or “my brother” she will tell you their names and refer to these people in later conversations by their names. I haven’t read this anywhere to verify it, but I have picked this up in both males and females. To allow you to get closer and be more a part of their lives they will let you in on the details, and it’ll begin with something as small as telling you the names of their friends, family and even coworkers.

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