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Husband and wife relationship

"There Is A Generational Curse On You For Being A Side Chick" - Councilor Charlotte Warns

To be precise, ladies of our generation now chooses to be a side chick other than being the main chick especially in choosing their life partners and turns to move with people's husbands. These ladies always do with their own reasons which mostly is attributed to source of money. To confirm this, it was recently in news, a lady who made claims that if you only open your legs for a man, he will in return open his wallet so characterised men as not stingy as other ladies think.

The councilor by name, Charlotte Oduro speaking on okay fm has spoken to discourage and has warn ladies who chooses to become side chicks other than finding for themselves a their own partners.

She speaking started by telling who a side chick is and according to her, a side chick is someone who chooses to be in relationship with someone's husband. She went Further to speak against being a side chick and encouraged them to live righteous.

According to her, most men sometimes will just come to you and be telling you their wives do so many bad things to them, they are like this and that and so on but that's a big lie, they only aim at chopping you and dropping you.

She further lamented that, most men are too loyal and respect their wife's such that, no matter the sex you give him, talking of the styles you give him in bed, he will still get back to his wife and the funniest side of this is that, they will be thinking they does everything for the man as he demands and for that matter the guys loves him the more. She also added that, she can't fathom why ladies now at days like people's husband and not just people husband, husbands who are rich people.

Concluding, she added that, the standing effect of being a side chick is God's curse(Nyame Nomee) and never can you run away from It, it will surely have effect on your life and it will be a generational curse. According to her, even if the wife does not pray against you or speaks over your life, you will still Receive the curse from the all mighty God.

Please Ladies and gentlemen, let all learn from this and keep off from people's partners and that will attract God's blessings over our lives. Amen.

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