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Pregnancy period

What do you know about sex positions in pregnancy? 5 safe and comfortable ones you did not know.

Most men decide not to have intercourse with their partners once they are pregnant because perhaps their past experience or fear that they might harm the foetus or the mother.

Also some restrict themselves because of the way they may see the women in, frequently getting sick with the morning sickness, spitting and more accompanying pregnancy.

So to add to your knowledge sex in pregnancy is very needful. It helps in nourishing of the foetus and development of the foetus. It also helps on the day of expulsion of the baby. It enhance paternal connection and more.

I will share with you the most safe and comfortable sex positions that you can practice when pregnant.

1. Side lying positions

This position is often comfortable, whether front face front or front face back. You should keep the weight off your back, try tucking pillow between your knees and let your partner lie at your back.

2. Pregnant partner on top

In this position there is no pressure on your belly. It let you be in control with both penetration depth and clitorial stimulation.

This position would not be easy in the third trimester but you can go for it if it is good for you.

3. Cowgirl style

In this position you can let your partner be in a chair then you sit on him but because of the pressure and the weight of the belly you can be stretching to hold the bed so you can control your movement.

It also do not put pressure on your belly and it can be tough in your late stages.

4. Rear entry

This is having your partner enter you from behind, spooning style meaning they can by pass your belly altogether.

5. Missionary

This is very safe and comfortable position as long as your partner keep their own weight off you by supporting themselves with their arms.

You can have your partner kneel or stand in front of you, tucking a few pillows under your back can also help relieve any pressure.

If these are practiced men can also literally help in delivering of the baby. Couples who is more open on sex can also try oral or mutual masturbations if the woman can not partake in an intercourse.

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