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DATE RUSH: Double Broken Heart Was Just Too Much For One Man.

Follow 5G-News, like and share with friends.Date Rush is a love reality show for interested single men and women to find a Date and go on a Date for a romantic relationship. But it most ends in tears for some, that is when your crush is not crushing on you!!

Last night Sunday, May 23rd was another Episode (7) of Date Rush Season 5. There was this guy "Quecy" who couldn't stand two Broken Heart, it all happens within 2-hours. can you imagine? Hmmm!! 

Befor then, let me introduce you to the second beautiful lady on stage Nabilla. A Ghanaian US based, precisely New York. According to Nabilla, a friend introduced her into the program and she got to love it as she watch it often. She also stated emphatically that, she came to get a Date, but if she didn't get one, automatically she will make friends. That all!

After her first, second and third profile video, she still had 8 rushes on. Giovani asked her to turn off 6 and leave 2 on for the time been. She said no!! She wants to ask a question before. Giovani also said No!! Her question supposed to come after turning of 6 rushes. She insisted with the intention that answers to her question would give her a reason to turn off someone's rush. Wow!! 

Giovani said OK! She can ask... "We got married, do you believe spouse should contribute Fifty Fifty (50:50) to build a house or it's a man responsible?" She finally asked. 

They all gave their answer. But some of them were like 'if the woman is supportive why not. 

Based on their opinions she turned off 6 rushes remaining 2 on ' Quecy and Nana Kwame'. 

Between these two gentlemen, it's obvious Quecy was to be her choice. Not knowing that was a wrong perception as she turned off Quecy rush, eh? Yes!! She chose Nana Kwame. Jeezz!! 

Reactions has found it that, Quecy was too proactive with so many questions just in the name of Love, little did he know he was rather worsen the case. Awww!! 

Below are some of the comments made by Quecy:

“How different have you been in the past few years, with your life?”

"You know you have a very sharp dimple. For this side. I want to be the reason you smile..."

"We will give birth to Junior and Princess"

When Quecy said whatever you have, is ours, and everything we do, we do together. Oooh really!! 

Meanwhile in the first round, it was between 'Quecy and Desmond', but the lady turned Quecy Rush off saying, he talks too much hence she doesn't like such men. He should change!!

You can read more reactions from fans;

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