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Do You Live In Fear Or In Love? Read The Revolt Of Love And Fear!

Fear is an emotional expression of regard or respect for someone or something in a way of showing reverence. It is a state of being afraid or scared or frightened because of how esteemed the person is.

Most of the time people essume with power and influence they have on others especially in relationships, workplaces, soceity, religious groups etc. in order to put fear other to give them recognition.

Fear puts people in a state of terror and shock whenever such persons appear.

Imagine a boss at work who is very feared by subordinates due to his leadership power over them. He (boss) will want to have total dominance and control over all others. Such autocratic leadership style makes him fearful in the sight of the workers. In the same way, a man will also want to exercise absolute control in his home, controlling his wife and children in ways that will put fear in them. Such a man is not happy at work and does not really feel respected but the same person also paints the same image in his home. Putting fear in people is an unwholesome act. It is not healthy for people to do that since every national citizen has a right to freedom and justice.

Love on the other hand is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection for someone or something.Love means putting someone's needs and priorities before yours. Love bring long standing relationship between people; family, friends, soceity, religious groups etc. The bond people get through showing love each other results in very healthy lifestyles.

Just imagine a child who has never been showed affection and care, he or she might end up being corrupt and untamed and can become a nuisance for all.

It is very important to always establish a cordial relationship where ever we find ourselves; being it home, workplace, school, social gatherings etc. Love is the catalyst that joins minds and hearts of different people together to fight a common goal.

In contrast, the concept of Love is what must be encouraged in our young ones and not fear. The results of love is peace and togetherness but the end of fear is a boiling heart which blasts with anger, hatred and rage.

Choose Love today!!

Thank you for reading. Stay safe!

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Fear The Revolt Of Love And Fear


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