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Is It Right To Date Your Best Friend's Ex? (Part 1)

I remember that day, it was early morning and I was still in bed when my phone started ringing. I suddenly woke up but did not even check to see who was calling and I turned myself to the other side of the bed and went back to sleep. Few minutes later I heard my phone ringing again and this time it was louder and longer so I had to pick up the phone. I realized it was my best friend who was calling. She doesn't need a reason to call me but I wondered why the call came within that early hours of the day. She sounded strange over the phone. It was more like she was afraid of what she was about to say to me.

The usual her would not   talk with  a faint and shaky voice but that was exactly how she sounded that day. It got me a little worried as she kept giving me hints that she had something to tell me but was not going straight to the point. What she kept repeating in different words was her fear of how I would react if she finally hit the hammer on the nail. I had to keep telling her to feel free and say it but she could not, especially considering how worried I was about her. I told her to calm down and tell me if it’s anything I am there for her and willing to help.

This statement of mine broke her down even more and she asked to see me that night instead of saying it over the phone. I agreed to that and told her to calm down and she will be alright. If I knew what she was about to tell me, I would have said those encouraging words to myself and not to her. 

I couldn't wait to meet her that evening. The whole day I carried out my activities with her thoughts occupying my mind. Finally it was evening and I quickly dressed up to meet her at her hostel, where she suggested we meet. Upon arrival I saw something that got me confused. I saw my ex boyfriend in the room with her. Both were standing there waiting to welcome me like a family waiting to welcome a daughter in law they are meeting for the first time. The moment I saw the two together, so many things began running through my mind.

I thought my friend wanted to bring my ex boyfriend and I back together and at the same time I thought maybe my ex boyfriend went there to beg her to speak to me. We broke up about a month ago and we chat once in a while just as friends but deep down I still loved him. From the way I talk about him to my best friend ever since we broke up it was obvious that I still loved him. So that moment when I saw both together I thought that finally my friend has noticed I’m suffering without him and she’s using herself as an intermediary to settle things between my ex and I. But the moment my ex started speaking, I got the hint of what the meeting was all about. Yes it’s exactly what you are thinking. Both were in a relationship they claim they just started a week ago. It was my ex who did most of the talking. Telling me how uncomfortable my best friend was about their relationship so they thought it wise to tell me  and if I’m not okay then she will back out.

Honestly at that moment I couldn’t explain my feelings and I couldn’t hear my own voice because the sound of my heartbeat became loud enough to avoid me from hearing my own voice. My temperature suddenly went high and I could feel my forehead sweating under a well blowing fan. I struggled to maintain a fake smile and a calm attitude while speaking. I lost my senses but I remained calm.

I then smiled at them and told them that I do not have any problem with it and I went ahead to congratulate them and wished them well. While my heart was yearning to slap the hell out of both of them, my face performed the duty of the cool girl. I could not betray my face by granting my heart desires. After wishing them well I told them I have a lot to do so I have to return.

Just when I was about returning my bestie said “today is our one week anniversary, do you mind joining us to celebrate? We have already ordered some food and drinks”. The moment she said this I let loose and my next action is something I regret till date. 

By: Saeed Fridaus

Content created and supplied by: Nic-Relationships (via Opera News )


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