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Wear And Do These Things If You Want To Successful Seduce The Man Of Your Dreams

It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce. The woman, in the sinuosity of her body, with the expressions on her face and with her knowing how to move, has the weapon of seduction on her side. Seducing a man seems like an easy thing, but it's not. Very often it is necessary to know and understand it. 

And there are no rules when it comes to seduction. The watchword in most cases is to be yourself, especially when it comes to what to wear to impress the man we like. Playing on simplicityand on not overdoing it, especially if you are on a first date, he will certainly like it. In short, we do not try to be what we are not, but to dress in such a way, first of all, that we feel at ease. 

The habit does not make the monk, but it often says a lot about us. And above all let's never take ourselves too seriously, this will drive him crazy. Here are the tips from fashion blogs .

1. No Make Up

If we are meeting a person, it is better not to be too daring and not to overdo the makeup . A red or otherwise dark lipstick might certainly appeal more, but men don't like to think they have to kiss those lips that are sure to dirty theirs. Maybe we focus everything on the gaze , which is often the best seductive weapon.


2. Enhance the shapes with a sheath dress

Wearing clothing that is too loose doesn't help. The game of seduction wants the woman to show her silhouette . But be careful not to fall into vulgarity. It takes very little to make a mistake in this case. The classic sheath dress is perfect for a gallant dinner.

3. Slightly unbuttoned shirt

The shirt is always the shirt and makes a woman incredibly attractive and seductive. It can be easily combined with everything, whether you decide to wear trousers or skirts. Bring it slightly unbuttoned and the effect will be guaranteed.

4. Bare back

And who said that the neckline on the décolleté is the only one that can seduce a man? On the contrary. The back is the part that, if uncovered, will drive the person you want to impress crazy. Cover your breasts and leave your shoulders and back uncovered. Just like a surprise effect.

5. Manicured hands

In addition to the look, the hands also become the mirror of the soul . Manicured hands are fundamental because with them we express ourselves in some way. Wear red nail polish : it is always perfect for any situation and will make your hands extremely feminine. And you will see that when you touch his hands during dinner.

6. Heels

Avoid wedges and opt for a nice stiletto heel . In this case it is better to choose a less comfortable but impressive shoe. Men love the stiletto heel. But be careful: if you don't have the right confidence in heels, don't overdo the height. Better a lower heel to a woman walking on eggs.

7. Accessories

A more careful man's eye will notice your watch, earrings and necklace you are wearing. And it will get an idea of some sides of your character, for example if you are whimsical or not. So if you love to play with accessories, do it. But try to avoid making it look like you've just burgled a jewelry store.

8. Intimate

I recommend intimate , you never know how the evening can go on. It must be strictly coordinated . If you are not yet familiar with the man you intend to seduce, opt for colors such as black and white . Don't you dare too much. And depending on your physique, choose the right outfit.

9. Hairstyle

Don't make it look like it took us an hour to get ready and combing our hair will make us look more natural. Avoid overly sophisticated hairstyles. Opt instead for loose hair or a nice ponytail. Obviously if the length of your hair allows it.

10. Smile

Bring a good dose of smile in your clutch. It is what really hypnotizes a man. So dress up with your smile and long faces, leave them at home and you will see that seducing will be child's play.

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