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Old Man gets heart attack in the process of flirting with two hot girls

An old man about 60yrs was spotted in a video with two hot girls who were invited by his own daughter as his remembered annual birthday celebration was on going. This hot girls were invited by his own daughter to create fun and amusement for her father. She wanted to make that day memorable for her dad.

In the video a white lady in bikini was shaking her goods as his daughter encouraged him to feel free to touch her backside. As he was flirting with the white lady his daughter invited another lady who was endowed to join the white lady make more fun for her dad.

As her father set eyes on the 'second lady he had an heart attack and fell on the floor..

My question is what he will tell God if he was asked how he died on the day of accountability. Thus if he only died.

I have generated a link to automatically redirect you to the video all you need is to confirm you are not a robot. click to watch the video

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