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Woman Recalls What Her Boyfriend Told Her After She Requested For The Money He Owes Her

A woman by the name of Ampomaa got into a relationship with Bekye who was a driver, she went to stay together with him in his family house. Bekye told her that he doesn't have a driving licence, he then asked her to help him get his driving licence. Ampomaa said she went for a loan of GHC700 from where she works and gave it to him.

A few months later, the man again asked for another GHC800 to maintain their room, because of the love she has for him she gave him that money too. She fell sick and her stomach became big like she was pregnant but when she went to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed her with fibroids. Ampomaa said she went back to her hometown to seek herbal treatment.

Fortunately, the herbal medicine helped shrink the fibroids for her and she recovered from the illness. After she came back to her boyfriend, he stopped sleeping in the house whenever he closed from work. Ampomaa was a bit confused because she has helped him a lot. The woman said she later found out that Bekye has impregnated another woman and they are all staying together.

Ampomaa said she asked for the money she gave to him but her boyfriend told her that he won't pay any money to her. The woman said Bekye again told her that, he was aware that she was pregnant when he left her but he got information from their neighbors that she has given birth but has given the baby to another person for money.

Bekye gave her a condition that unless he brings back their child before he will pay her all the money he owes her. Ampomaa explained to him that it was not pregnancy that made her got protruding belly but it was fibroid which made her tummy becomes big but still he doesn't want to pay back her money.

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