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Only A Genius Can Attempt This Riddle, How Did She Know He Was Cheating? Prove Me Wrong If You Can

How do you know when one is a fast thinker? You can only taste any one's thinking ability by the use of riddles. It helps you to think about how possible something can happen or not. So looking at these riddles it is only when you are a smart thinker that you can attempt these questions. So feed your eyes with it and feed with the answer.

#1. Who Is Left Handed? 

#2. Princess Tiana was locked in the building. The door number 4 is the escape door and in the rest two doors, dangerous murderers are waiting to kill her.

Which is door number 4?

#3. The pic is from the 70's Era. Can you tell me who is from the future and why? 

#4. After Terry sent photos to his wife, she immediately found out he was cheating on her, how did she? 

#5. Who is smuggling gold?

#6. How many faces can you find?

#7. Who is the mother?

#8. Before you go, this one is a little bit hard but if you are a genius, it’s not gonna be a problem for you. 

The question goes like this, A detective comes to a restaurant and notices a slightly drunk man and a waitress arguing.

“But you’ve also ordered roasted meat,” claims the waitress.

“I haven’t ordered any meat! I just came to spend a couple of hours here. I try to save money,” yells the visitor.

“You’re drunk and can’t remember what you ordered 2 hours ago,” continues the annoyed waitress.

“But you know very well that he couldn’t order this dish,” the detective interrupts them, “You have to come with me.”

How did the detective know that the waitress was trying to fool the customer?

In all please don't overlook all these riddles please attempt even if it is one. It can help in sharpening our brains because learning never ends. You might learn what you didn't know before from the herd, that is why we keep growing psychologically.

Like, share and give the answer that you feel it suits these riddles.

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