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Ladies Strengthen Your Self-Worth By Doing The Following

1. Recognize all your positive traits. There are few situations that damage our egos as being dumped. From the moment your boyfriend told you it was over, you have been analyzing yourself with a microscope to identify all the things that went wrong. To counteract that, the time has come for you to acknowledge all the wonderful things that you have to offer.

Grab a pen and paper and list some of your best qualities. If you have trouble coming up with these traits, you can ask close friends or family to give you a few. You can also find a list of positive traits online by conducting an internet search.

With your positive traits at hand, start a journal that details specific situations in which you have exercised those positive characteristics in your life. For example, if you listed "considerate" as a positive trait, you might write in your journal about the time you spent a beautiful summer day doing crafts inside because your best friend had a broken leg and couldn't go outside.

2. Date yourself. Getting to know yourself on a deeper level can strengthen your self-worth. It also does double-duty of helping you recognize what qualities you value in a mate. Treating yourself just as kindly as you would a lover will help to rebuild your self-confidence and even connect you with better suitors in the future.

Make a reservation to a nice restaurant. Dress well and enjoy a lavish dinner on your own.

Treat yourself to a spa visit. Get a facial, massage, pedicure or manicure.

Buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, just because.

Go see that movie you have been dying to watch.

Take a new class, such as cooking, dancing, or exercise.

3. Look your best. A great way to maintain your self-esteem after being dumped is presenting your very best self to the world.[8] Many people do this as a way to show their exes what they're missing. However, you should do it for yourself. Do this to remind yourself that you are an attractive and worthwhile person, with or without a date.

Plus, dressing and looking your best naturally makes you feel better.

4. Believe that there is a better match for you. It may not be a good idea to immediately jump into a new relationship. However, it can be perfectly okay to casually date. The important thing is to believe in your heart that there are better days ahead for you--because there are!

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