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Common Red Flag At The Beginning Of A Relationship That Most Guys Ignore

Below are six most common red flag at the beginning of a relationship that most guys ignore.

1. Rapid gifts, constant compliments and instant show off of effort. It is mesmerizing but be careful because it can be a manipulation in someone’s own pursuit.

2. The type of girl who puts this transparent quote in her forehead “If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” If you see it based on her actions, let herself grow.

3. The drama queen who sweats the small stuff. She found out you liked your bestfriend’s profile picture and if she can’t recognize that her hormones are fluctuating, she’ll start to enumerate the names of your exes.

4. The feeling of being controlled. “I don’t like your friends, family, pet, clothes, job, video games or whatever.” “You should do this! You must do that!” If you feel like you’re being strangled and suffocated because she has trust issues, then it’s time to pack your suitcase.

5. She laugh at your pain or simply do not care, they just cannot feel your pain, so stay away. If she claim to be the only successful person among their friends and family, then there is high probability that they she won't help you.

6. If She says beautiful words or praise you only during sex or during foreplay, she is not into you. Never trust anything that anyone says during foreplay or during intercourse. Asking you to prioritize themselves over your friends, family and career is one of the most common red flag these days.

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