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Do Not Marry Or Date Ladies Who Do These Four Things.

1.If she gets jealous easily, my brother forget her: It is normal for you to get a bit jealous if your partner spends more time with his or her friends and sometimes people of the opposite gender. However, my brother, if she insists that you cut contact with your friends just because she is jealous, then she is not the one. How does she expect you to detach yourself from your childhood friends and talk to her only? My brother, leave her for good if she does not also stop contacting her friends after demanding that you leave your friends.

2.Leave her for good, if she complains over everything: A lady who complains over everything rather than concentrating on solving things is not the right lady. If she sees and finds fault with everything you do but does not appreciate any of your efforts, reciprocate such actions by leaving her. After all, what good will she be to you when she will be to you when she complains about your ring, your hairstyle, your shoe,your everything

3.Avoid her when she begins to control you: Marriage is a long journey and the husband is supposed to be the head of the family. The husband must have the final say in the family. However, if right from the onset, she starts controlling you either privately or publicly, I pray you to forget her. It begins when she dictates to you how and when to spend your money, the kind of people you must walk with and in fact, how to deal with your life.

4.Do not think of marrying her if she is too emotional or has no emotions: A girl who cries easily, gets annoyed easily, have mood swings easily, etc then she is not the one. If she has no emotions too, forget her. Naturally, a girl must be averagely weak emotionally. But if she cries or gets frightened over the least thing or gets annoyed easily, then forget her.

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