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READ: How I Watched My Best Friend Commit SUICIDE

The magnitude of our friendship

Friends are always mostly similar minded people with common goal and stand by each other no matter the condition, situations in life. In effect, true friends, unconditionally, stand for each other at almost all times.

Unfortunately, I feel I completely failed my long time best friend when I heard the news that he committed suicide in his room.

How our friendship begun

I met my lost friend from primary one in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. Akwesi became my friend because he helped me clean up my uniform when I fell in a mad infront of the classroom. As if that was not enough, Power, as we call him today, shared his doughnut with me the same day. From then on he oftened came to my aid when I was in trouble.

We graduated to different Junior High Schools of the same circuit and district. Both of us were athletes and represented our schools during Athletes competitions. As the name suggest, Power was always unbeatable in the springs and relays.

After completing JHS, we worked together as labourers in building and construction since we had no strong backbone in terms of finance. This daily carrying of blocks and digging of foundation enabled us to take care of ourselves in the same Senior High School but different classes due to the different programs we were studying. Sometimes, we became 'trotro' mates during vocation.

We graduated from SHS last three years but could not pass all the CORE subjects. We therefore, decided to learn how to build and construct as we registered NOVDEC..

Today, we lived in the same community even though a major and very busy road was between our houses. This did not stop us from meeting at least twice a week at the community football pitch where we watched good football from the youngsters of the community.

How I failed my friend leading to his death

It began some time back, when I noticed my friend stopped smiling. Though I noticed, I never asked what was wrong. 'My friend's well being shouldn't be my business,' I wrongly thought.

Then I noticed my friend disappearing online. My friend stopped posting; was nowhere on social media. I never bothered to ask why. I was busy connecting with those who were active.  

When I scrolled through my phone book list, I passed my friend's contact. I waited for my friend to speak to me first, knowing very well my friend seemed to be going through something.

Regrettably, when my friend did call, I ignored. I failed to reply the messages; too busy. Or maybe I thought my friend was calling to ask me for money or credit, based as usual. I used to pray for my friend, but slowly I stopped. 

Then last month, I was told my friend had committed suicide. My friend all along was struggling, feeling alone, yet all I did was nothing and made assumptions. My friend was stressed, depressed then DIED out of SUICIDE!!!.

My friend left a note stating the reason why he was taking his own life. Below is the note I managed to have a photograph of it.

Here I am asked to give a speech at the funeral; yet the tears I cry are for how I failed my friend when my friend was still living. My friend is not coming back for me to love better. I remember how he helped me got up when I fell in a mud back at Primary; how he helped me cleaned myself, and how he shared his food with me. Hmmm!! Maybe if I cared, things would have turned out different.

Don't make my unforgivable mistake

Look back and see the friends you have pushed away, ignored or taken for granted. Call up that old friend, care for the one who has gone silent. People are going through so many issues behind those fake smiles and glossy social media posts; And all they need is a true friend.

* Look for that friend who was in the school with you; 

*Look for that friend who went silent on the social media platform or left the group completely.  

*Do not think or assume its normal. Someone somewhere is dying and just "Hello or Hi" from you or some coins can save that dying soul. 

Please, do it now before it is too late.

Be a true friend and a positive change to your friends

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