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Why Do Men Comeback After A Breakup? A Question That Has Spark Reactions Online.

A beautiful social media influencer who goes by the name Temmie took to her social media handle to ask "Why do men come back after a breakup, instead of moving on?" These questions she asked on social media have gotten thousands of users to react, including me.

I gave my opinion as, "Some women are faithful and loyal, but after the breakup, the man will find out that he has lost something precious and maybe he hasn't found another woman like her, so the best thing is to come back for his girlfriend." Because nowadays it is hard to find a faithful and loyal woman. It has happened to me before.

But it is not only me who reacts. Check out other people's reactions below.

Percy writes, "In all of my relationships, all my exes always come back to mi.....rn my ex is begging to have me back .. from my first boyfriend to the last, they are all begging to come back... Omo, I'm confused. "

Emmanuel writes, "Then why did he let go in the first place. There shouldn't have been a break-up earlier. "

Boysweat types, "When a man knows what he wants, it's so difficult to let go. Regardless of how things might turn.

See the images below to see more reactions.

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