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I Saw Ladies Clothes In His Room But It Didn't Discourage Me; I Did This & Became His Girlfriend -Lady

There are some ladies who lose their boyfriends to different ladies because of some petty things they have not been doing for them. Most men want to be with ladies who are very supportive in everything. If you are a lady and you like giving a lot of excuses, you might probably lose your guy to someone else.

The lady in your picture has explained how she was able to snatch someone's boyfriend by doing some petty things for the guy. According to her, she came across a guy that she loves soo much. So she decided to study him for a while. After studying this guy for some weeks, she decided to pay this guy a visit.

The lady said that when she got to this guy room she saw a lady's big picture on his wall. She also saw ladies clothes and a lot of things which shows that the guy has a woman in his life. But that did not discourage her at all because she loves this guy.

The lady then asked the guy whether he is married and the guy replied that he is not married. Not knowing this guy's girlfriend have not been cooking, washing and cleaning anytime she comes to visit him. So this new side chick decided to do all these for the guy and the guy came to love him very much.

She said, "When I visit him, I wash his clothes, clean the washrooms, sweep, cook and treat him right". According to the lady, she has her own rented apartment but the guy's girlfriend was leaving with her mother. So sometimes, this guy will come to her house and spend weeks with her. But because the old girlfriend is not having her own room the guy is not able to visit her.

This lady said that "Anytime I see that this guy is with the lady I decide to call him several times. Not knowing the girl is quick-tempered. So she gets provoke and leave the guy's house. I have been able to win this guy with my good behaviour and household chores. Am now the main girlfriend".

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