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Divorce Affair

Grand P Begs His Wife To Return Home, Says He Can't Do This Without Her

Infidelity causes intense emotional pain, but an affair doesn't have to mean the end of your marriage. Understand how a marriage can be rebuilt after an affair. Infidelity isn't a single, clearly defined situation and what's considered infidelity varies among couples and even between partners in a relationship.

 For example, is an emotional connection without physical intimacy considered infidelity? What about online relationships? Each person and couple need to define what constitutes infidelity in the context of their marriage.

After Eudoxie's wife told her followers she was alone and now she will focus on her singing career. She reaffirmed that Grand P had long been betraying her and showed no signs of changing his behaviour. Now it's due of its disparity in body size that people carefully observe this relationship. Grand P was born with a genetic disease that had a serious impact on his height, and people wondered how he had taken care of such a big lady.

Hours afterwards, Grand P sent his wife an extremely emotional note stating how much he loves her. It begs Eudoxie to forgive him and come home, because without her support and affection he cannot survive. Let's just wait and see what Eudoxie's going to have to say, but do you think this is pure love?

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