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Simple ways to know if your girlfriend is obsessed with money or materialistic

Welcome to my page dear reader, in today's article, I will be sharing with you

simple ways to figure out if your woman is materialistic. A materialistic lady is the one person who is always obsessed with money? She’s always seen wearing the latest clothes or handbag. She looks so put together that other can’t help but wonder what she’s really like.

With all due respect, if you are unsure if this woman is materialistic, then you should continue to date her for awhile before proposing.

If you’ve already proposed and are stuck in a situation, here are some hard-and-fast clues she’s materialistic:

1. It’s all about labels. Typically materialistic people tend to be more concerned with the name brand of something than the actual quality. Is she the same person behind closed doors? Many times materialistic people are extremely insecure & using their obsession with materialism to hide internal issues. Does she “put on airs” in front of others to represent a certain image?

2. Pays Lots Of Attention To Her Appearance. This is one of the most common sign of a materialistic woman. She cares so much about her appearance. She fears looking old fashioned and poor. No matter what, she will try her best to keep up with the latest fashion trends, get new hair cuts and buy other popular things that people are currently raving.

3. How does she treat you (& others)? At the end of the day, someone obsessed with name brands, high designer fashion is not inherently a bad person—as long as they don’t look down on others who don’t obsess (or cannot afford these things).

4. How does this woman treat you? Is she critical, judgmental, short-tempered, obsessed with how much you’re earning? These are signs your relationship/marriage will not be a healthy one.

5. Likes Showing Off

Here's more signs of a materialistic woman that you need to know. A materialistic woman likes to show off the things that she has. She doesn’t see the problem with it because she’s proud of the branded materials that she owns. She’ll talk about it with all her friends and post numerous pictures on her social media.

6. How does she treat others? When you take her out to dinner, does she look down on the waitstaff? When she sees a homeless person or beggar does she make negative comments about them? These are signs of a person who lacks compassion & empathy and again, likely traits that would cause you great distress in your relationship/marriage.

If your gut is making you question this relationship/marriage, put it on hold. Trust your instincts. You have the ability to answer your own question, you just have to dig deep enough within and most of all: trust your judgement. Communication is also key; so if you are concerned this woman is not a good fit for you, talk to her about it. Let her know what is going through your mind and how you are feeling. She should be respectful of that.

Thanks for reading through. Please follow my page for interesting articles.

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