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[+VIDEO]: Ghanaians React To Another Set Of Couples Spotted Chopping Themselves In A Swimming Pool.

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The problem of the youth indulging in series of irresponsible acts in public and even in secret where they video themselves to get them uploaded on social media is getting out of hands hence becoming a social conquer. It is obvious that, our culture is depleting gradually as we adopt cultures from the Western world and this does not make us who we are. Most users who tend to react to such videos claim the media is responsible for this trend in the promotion of negativity due to some programs they air and the social media platform too to be specific. We have seen series of videos not long ago going viral on social media in which youths do the unthinkable in swimming pools, pubs, at the roadside and many other places they tend to find themselves and the most amazing things is that, shyness of late seems not to exist in our world of today. Another video of a set of couples just surfaced on social in which they were seen doing same for which I bring to to you in this article.

I bring to you the above viral video in which these couples were seen making it out in a swimming pool where they were filmed secretly. They thought people were never going to notice what they were doing but little did they know the water in the pool was totally transparent. This video shockingly attracted less comments which it should be vice versa and this indicates that, users are tired of reacting to these acts as they tend to happen day in day out. Watch video via the link below:

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