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Could This Be Love? Meet The Couple Who Walked Home Barefoot On Their Wedding Day

This is the real definition of money can't buy love and happiness. Love isn't only about money but rather the happiness one finds in love. Never let money be the foundation of your love, else when the money finally finishes then the love is gone. This beautiful couple defines the true meaning of love. You need not to have enough money to fine true love. A real woman will never look for excuses to you love, when she loves, she loves unconditionally. 

Although the road isn't in good shape but she still felt for him. Had it been the slay queens we have today, they wouldn't have agreed to this even in the beginning. Not to talk of walking barefoot on their wedding day. But look at them, they look so happy and lovingly upon walking barefooted.

If our ladies of today can forget of money love and focus on real and true love the high rate of divorce would have gone down and people will find happiness in their marriage life. 

Never go for an expensive wedding to impress people and turn out to suffer in the long run. Go for a wedding you can afford. Trying to do things that will please other people will not bring food on your table after the wedding. 

Yes!! Money indeed isn't everything in life. I know one will say but nowadays money can buy love, yes i agree to the fact that money can buy love nowadays but what you have forgotten is that it can't buy happiness. And a billionaire home with all the expensive luxury without happiness is cos 90.

You first of all need to find that unconditional love and happiness and God will surely bless you with the money.

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