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Where to meet new girls and 5 tips on how to befriend them

1. Attend social gatherings that girls are going to. Try to attend social gatherings where there are girls that you'd want to be friends with. Be on the lookout for popular events going on in your city or town, and be ready to go to her. If you can, try taking a course that interests you like a community art class, or join an intramural sports club. Meeting new people is easy, you just need to put yourself in a situation that allows you to be around them. If there is a limited opportunity to be social, try to get creative. You can meet girls at the grocery store, your place of worship, the gym, or at a shopping mall. If you are in school you have the perfect opportunity to meet new girls from your class. Go up to her before or after the class starts.

2. Introduce yourself to girls who you'd want to be friends with. Tell the girl your name, and ask her what her name is. Start small-talk by talking about what you are both doing, or where you both are at the time. If you are anxious about approaching new people, the only way to feel less nervous is to just do it. The worst thing that can happen is that she might not want to talk to you. Good questions include, “this place is really fun, do you like it?” or “that lecture was really boring, what do you think of the class?” Try coming off as confident but not pushy. Just talk to the girl as if you were talking to a good male friend, but more polite.

3. Determine what you share in common and talk about it. There's a good chance that the girl you want to be friends with shares something in common with you, because you are both at the same social gathering. For instance, if you are meeting girls at a sports club, you'll most likely share an interest in sports or if you're at an art class an interest in art, etc. Try to find a common bond, and something you are knowledgeable about and that you like to talk about.Try to be funny and lighthearted when you are talking to a girl. If you can make her laugh, it'll be more likely she will want to be your friend. Be a good listener and let her talk. The more you ask questions, the more she will open up and feel comfortable. You should be responding and stating your opinion, but you should also be concentrated on being a good listener.

4. Get her contact information. Once you feel like you and the girl you've met have had a good conversation, make sure to get her cell-phone number. Don't be afraid of asking her for it, especially if the conversation went well. Tell her that you had fun talking, and ask her if she wants to talk again. If she does, then get her information. If the conversation went poorly, there's a good chance she won't want to give you her number. If you're unsure of when you are leaving, you can even ask before the conversation ends.

5. Text her to hang out. Determine something that you can both do, and ask her if she wants to meet up with you. This could be lunch, rock climbing, or going to see a band. If you're having problems about thinking of something to do, try to remember what you've talked about previously, and choose something that interests you both. Don't make the hang out romantic and don't flirt in your texts or you might send off the wrong signals. You can even go as far as to tell her that you're not looking to date right now. Don't text her too many times if she isn't responding. She may be busy or may just not want to talk. You don't want to look desperate for friends, and you also don't want to make her angry or annoyed. Funny or interesting images are also good things you can share via text. Try to be as nice as possible in your texts. Since she can't hear your voice intonation, you don't want to be sarcastic because she may take it literally.If the girl is texting you a lot, then you should text back. Try to figure out how much she likes texting, and then try to match that energy.

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