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15 Seductive ways to attract a lady without talking to her

The tips below will help you to seduce a girl and make her fall in love with you.

1. In a deceptive game, your facial expressions are important.

Keep an eye on the girl if you want to communicate with her on a deeper level.

2. Stare at her for a long time and she is seductive. This will make her fall in love with you sooner than she expected.

3. Observe her emotions and response. If you see a cross, keep doing what you are doing. Also, remember to smile.

4. Show her what it is like to be with you. Show him that you are a good boy by showing your good qualities.

5. Use romantic gestures

This is very important. Make more romantic gestures, such as blinking and kissing, when you have a girlfriend.

6. Make a good first impression.

Wear clothes that enhance your features and make you look more attractive.

7. Get the attention of his friends.

Make his friends your friends, and make your friends like you.

8. A smile will attract her attention.

9. Do something unusual that will attract people's attention and make them exclaim, "WOW !!!"

Have something different about yourself that others will recommend. You can show any of your skills that you believe will be of interest. Please do not make a big effort because you do not want to suspect that you are trying to seduce him with your efforts; instead, keep it quiet and see his reaction.

10. Add fresh perfume.

Fragrance have long been used to attract the eyes. Most women like men who wear fragrances.

11. Find a lovely and attractive hairstyle.

12. When you look her in the eyes, smile and feel confident.

13. Make all his friends love you.

14. Do something that will make everyone around you call him or her (make sure he or she is up to standard).

15. Strive to wear your best shoes.

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