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Lady reveals how her best friend gets molested by her boyfriend but refuses to leave, because of this

The love we say is blind, but this particular story to me is not love but immaturity. Ladies value yourselves, It's a pride to be a woman. Read this story and give your assessment.

A female friend was mercilessly beaten by her boyfriend, it was serious and when I saw him, I thought she would die the next day. After the incident, I told her to leave and come stay with me, she didn’t.

About two days after this ordeal, the guy apologized and took her shopping to buy all that she wants.

Oh it is a routine, he would beat her up like a thief, call me, and complain, and in a few days, she will be appeased with a Dubai trip, an expensive phone, and so on.

She thinks when she dies, she can use all these expensive things in hell, hell because, God is even amazed by how stupid she is. She is drunk with maintaining a lifestyle and so she is ready to die through the hands of a fool, who will hit her when the egg she fries doesn’t have enough salt.

The family has done their best for her to take the matter to the police but she still goes back to this guy because they can’t afford her lifestyle.

But we are here Sister, I hope I don’t see your face plastered on social media and your name repping hard in headlines for being abused and killed by a senseless man. Just leave and when you see this, don’t call me to confirm if it’s you, yes it’s your story I just typed.

Enjoy your weekend filled with more beatings and of course, fancy dates at big restaurants.

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