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Why Most Rich and Handsome Men Delay In Their Marriage

Most men at some point and age in their lives decide to establish themselves into a marriage institution so that they settle down, have a settled mind and start a family. But with all these good decisions most of them end up living in the same room with the women before thinking of marriage. And this end up making their marriages delay at a point.

In my article today I want to talk about some reasons why some of these rich and handsome men delay in their marriage.

The first reason for most rich and affluent men delaying their marriage is to make more money or to combine resources because they have the idea and visions to take very good care of the wife and kids. They have the idea of not wanting their family to suffer financially and therefore want to make enough provision before finally settling down. 

This is because they have a strong desire for success or achievement which makes them over ambitious and always want to get to their target before they take the next step in life. Such men spend their time in achieving or attaining their remarkable height before they think of marriage.

And in this good sense of waiting, it turns out to delay their marriages.

Their reason for making it big in life before marriage is to be able to pay a high bride price, want to have a top traditional marriage coupled with a high class white wedding with a distinction and make a big name for themselves and their family as a whole.

Also they live with the women to check how compatible they would be with such women as husband and wife and become more influenced before marriage with the aim that they don't want divorce after marriage. 

Finally, what delays their marriage too is because they are handsome they don't just want any woman. They try to get a woman who matches their physical appearance or even looks nicer than them. And this beauty makes their choice difficult for them because all the women they will meet have some differences from each other.

And to select from the accumulated women becomes difficult and delays their vision of getting married and settling down.

 I strongly believe that, this article has educated you on reasons why most rich and handsome men have their marriage being delayed

Leave your comments on what you think delays other men of these calibers. Thank you very much. Please share and follow for more lovely articles. 

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