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Divorce Affair

"I Caught My Wife Cheating On Me With My Side Chick's Boyfriend" - What Should I Do?

My Name Is James Brown And Happpily Married To Precious Brown With Three(3) Beautiful Kids(3 Girls). My Family Had Been One Of The Best Family So Far, We Go Out For Parties, Dinners, Cocktails And Had So Much Fun.

I Love My Kids And They Love Me As Well. My Wife And I Are Very Friendly And Love Each Others So Dearly.

We Got Handsome Jobs That Is Paying The Both Of Us Very Well And Our Daughters(Kesha, Patricia, Natasha) Are In An International School With A Merit Learning System.

My Wife And I Had Been Married For Good 15 Years Now Without Us Cheating On Each Others, But I Got This One Best Friend That I Hang Out With Once In A While Or At Times We All Hang Out With My Family.

My Bestfriend Samuel Called Me On A Thursday When I Was Nuat About To Take My One Month Break From The Office And He Said We Should Make An Urgent Business Trip Out Of Town. Since We Had Been Friends For A Very Long Time Now And Also A Business Partner, I Called My Wife At Home And Told Her In Couple Of Days Am Going With Samuel On A Business Trip Cause Am Taking My Leave On Friday And She Was Like Cool.

Fast Forward, Samuel Had Gathered Some Very Young Beautiful Ladies To Take On The Trip With Us Since My Wife Wasnt Going. I Was Surprised When I Reach At Samuel's House For Us To Depart And Immediately I Fell In Love With One Of The Gorgeous Lady(Musu) Samuel Had Planned.

We Went For The Trip And Samuel Had Booked The Motel Rooms Already And Luckily For Me The Girl That I Admired Was The One Kept For Me And We Went In Our Room Together And It Was The Business When. 

We Returned Back To The City After Weeks Of Stay Out Of Town. By Then Musu And I Werw So Much In Love With Each Others And She Did Told Me She Got Her Serious Relationship And I Was Cool Cause Am Also Married With Kids.

So After Few Days I Linked Up With Samuel For Us To Go On Another Trip With The Ladies And He Was Always Ready. This Time I Decided To Used My Wife Car But Then We Have To Stayed In Town And Not Out Of Town. 

The Hotel We Booked Were Far From Home And Was Really Cool. Musu And I Had The Best Of Time Again While Samuel And Eve Had Fun As Well. 

Days Had Passed Passed And It Was Time To Leave, So I Decided That Musu And I Go At The Pool For A Bath Before We Can Leave Since Samuel Were Still Busy. 

Coming Out Of My Room With Musu, I Met My Wife Precious Coming Out Of With A Guy And My Wife Was Wearing Bikini Cause They Were Going Swin Too. And Musu Shouted The Guy Name, 'Eric' What Are You Doing Here With This Lady? And My Wife Answered, The Same Thing You Are Doing Here With My Husband.

The Guy Is Musu's Serious Boyfriend, And Precious Is My Wife. Everyone Here Are Cheating, I Personally Got Into An Afair With Eric Cause I Knew My Husband Is Cheating On Me With You And Find Out You Guys Were Here So I Booked The Same Hotel, Samuel's Wife Said.

My Wife Asked, Are We Going To Pool Together Or You Going With Musu? Am Confuse And Dont Know What To Do. My Wife Never Cheated On Me Before And I Have Never Too, But I Caused Her To Do Such Act...

What Must I Do Now??

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