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6 Things Women Do That Men Love.

There are numerous things women do that men love. I understand that looking pretty and beautiful is good. But there are other things men love and adore more than just looking beautiful and having an attractive body. Ladies, here are certain things women do that men love.

1. A good sense of humor.

I understand that men like it when their woman looks beautiful and dresses well for them. But aside from looking beautiful and dressing well for him. Men like it when a woman has a good sense of humor, men like a woman who can make them laugh and be happy. Men like it when a woman can make them laugh. And also a woman with a good sense of humor.

2. Wear his shirt.

Men like it when their partner wears one of his shirts. As a woman, you might not know how happy a man can be when he sees the lady he loves wearing his T-shirt. Especially when you walk pass him. He celebrates it inside.

3. Touching gently.

Men like it when their partner gently touches them romantically. This makes him feel attractive and happy. It also drives him crazy and wants to be around you.

4. Food.

Men like it when they are back at work and given good food to eat after a stressful day at work. As a woman, you should know that good food is a man's weakness. Men also want to see their partner in the kitchen trying to prepare a meal, so they can both eat.

5. Flipping hair.

Men like it when their women flip their hair. This drives them crazy.

6. A girl tying her hair.

Another thing a man likes watching is when their partner is tying her hair, and he finds this moment irresistible. This because they would like to watch her hold the hairpin in between her teeth while she uses her both hands to tie her hair.

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