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13 Ways Guys Mess Up Their Proposals To Ladies

Many young men do not know how to propose to the lady of their dreams. The least attempt they make, they end up messing up the whole process. Here are 13 ways some guys mess up big time and this should be avoided.

1. Not organizing your thoughts very well

Guys, if you do not organize your thoughts very well, you will end up messing up the whole process of proposing to your secret admirer and your dream woman. It doesn’t matter whether you are very good at speaking or not; you just have to plan for it and do it well. First impressions count.

2. Not courageous enough

If you do not look courageous enough to propose to her, she will not also have the courage to love and put her life in the hands of a coward. Women love courageous men who can stand up for whatever they want in life.

3. Forcing your visions and proposal on the woman

My brother, do not go and force the visions and dreams you had on that girl. Remember that she was not around when you were having your dreams. Go straight to the point and even if you want to talk about those dreams and visions, make sure you connect it to confirm something.

4. Hiring an incompetent person to propose for you

Never make the mistake of asking someone who will rather mess up the whole process to go and propose on your behalf. It has ended many people in tears.

5. Using unnecessarily big words

Master! We are not in English Grammar Class. Spare her those big words that you cannot correctly pronounce and spell yourself; let alone using it rightly in a context. Be simple and creative!

6. Reciting some love lines and some poems

Mr. Man, many ladies have passed that level of listening to love poems and lines they know that you did not write. Be creative and real here.

7. Striking at the wrong time and environment

If you do not want embarrassments in life that will weaken your confidence, then know the right time and the right place to propose depending on how well you know that young lady. Not every lady will love it if you go on your knees in public and propose to them.  

8. Wrong approaches and methods that backfire

Study the person and the kind of approach or method you have to use. Using any approach at all may backfire and that could give you real sleepless nights.

9. Negative body gestures and signals.

Oh Boy! If you do not know what to say, how to say it and when to say it, then know that you are not ready to talk. Do not meet her and be under serious pressure, found stammering for words, sweating, scratching your head and making unnecessary body gestures.

10. Sounding like a real joke

Trust me! If you go to mess up and sound like the biggest joke she has ever come across, she will tell her friends and the people around her and they may have a good laugh or give you a nickname.

11. Never looking like a serious minded person and talking like one

How you carry yourself determines the kind of perception the woman will have about you. Never sound like someone who is not serious in life when you are indeed, serious in life.

12. Inappropriate dressing and wearing bad perfumes

Inasmuch as you should not overdress, you must make sure that your dressing is appropriate and suits the occasion.

13. Unnecessary bragging and telling lies

My guy, there is nothing like bragging and telling lies just to enhance your status. She will definitely find out. Do not say you are a bank manager when you do not even have a bank account.

Oops! Did I leave out something? Kindly comment and tell us your experience.

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