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Places You Shouldn't Never Think Of Touching When Making Love With Your Partner

Lovemaking is always a moment of pleasure that intimate partners often take informally. As lovers, you can go as far as possible to make sure you guys can pleasure yourself. 

However, the lovemaking process is very sensitive and lovers should learn where to touch when performing the act. That is why today, I will be listing parts of a woman’s body you shouldn’t touch while lovemaking. 

1.The Head of The Clitoris

We know the clitoris is a super-sensitive zone and has a lot of nerve endings, but stimulating the head of the clitoris vigorously can actually turn out to be an intense and painful experience for her.

2. The Cervix

If you reach her cervix during sex, it is a danger sign. Cervix is the narrow canal that connects the vagina to the uterus, and is the place where the baby grows. It is definitely not the place to touch, and you need to switch to a position that offers less penetration.

3. The Anus

This part of the body is mainly used for excretion. However, some people find it more pleasurable but what you have to know is that there is a greater chance of getting infected if you make love through the anus. If yoy still insist being fully behind her during sex, then make sure you are all lubed-up and she is in the peak of excitement. This is one of the most sensitive and self-conscious parts of her body.

4. The Feet

Touching a woman's feet during lovemaking reduces the sexual urge drastically. A study at Johns Hopkins University revealed that wearing socks during lovemaking increases a woman's chance of reaching potential orgasm. However, if a woman doesn't put on socks and her feet are touched, she's likely to have cold feet which would interfere with her ability to get in the mood.

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful content, stay tuned for more of this. 

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