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Ladies, Do You Want To Create Your Image In His Heart? Here is How To Go About It

Do you think your boyfriend is thinking about you right now? We all want to answer that question with a resounding yes!

Yes, there are a few simple ways to encourage his wandering mind to keep coming back to you during his busiest days. If he always thinks about you, it can mean that he really cares about you and that you lives in his mind. Or, he might just be worrying about you.

Here are 11 steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation:

1. Play him early in the morning.

Walk around for as long as possible wearing your underwear and "accidentally" rubbing your body against his as you prepare for work.

Press for a few hidden moments where you bend in an attractive way. He won't know what to do with you.

2. Give him a kiss.

Just before work, give him a good morning to think about all day-a kiss that will leave him seriously thinking about driving sick.

We are talking about a five-minute kiss that will make him need a respirator.

3. Call or text him secretly.

Use some form of modern technology to lash out at or yell at her simply to say, "Mmm". The text you can send could be sexually explicit or a short message like "I miss you." In any case, it will make your husband feel happy.

As long as you do not reserve his device, a sexually explicit text or a phone call from you reminding him of your desire will be a physical surprise.

4. Write an interesting note to him.

Go to an old school and physically write a note of lust. It does not have to be long. In fact, the small amount of colored paper that flips through his pocket will be an attractive reminder for you when he reaches for it later.

You can be as secretive or attractive as you like.

5. Hide something difficult to locate.

Well, this is for those who are good at drama. Nothing will make him think more of you than to put your underwear under his bag or in his pocket, backpack, or laptop bag.

Make sure you put yourself in a safe place where they don't accidentally fall in front of anyone. unless you want his co-workers to think about you all day, too.

6. Do something completely unexpected.


If you meet regularly after work, mix it up. Surprise him by appearing outside his office wearing an empty trench underneath, or invite him to meet you at a bar you have never been to and order him to call you by the name "Isabella."

He'll think you've left your rocker in an appealing manner.

7. Post a slightly suggestive image.

You’ve probably posted tons of hot selfies with your private look, but what about the one that leaves him guessing?

Take a hat from your underwear, or your bed sheets, or the nape of your neck... you get the idea. Shake him vaguely.

8. Praise his bed skills.


Tell him what you like about him in bed. Think of the kinds of movements he makes that no one has ever gone so far.

Trust me, he wants to get recognition for his tactics, which will only inspire him to come up with more ways to please you.

9. Share your thoughts.


Sometimes being asked about his thoughts can surprise the boy, but there is a way to persuade him to open up a lot for you. You go first!

Start by sharing the fantasy that's happening right now with your control, and make it happen! He’ll have the courage to think outside the box, and then when he has his thoughts when you’re not there, he’ll think of you as his star.

10. Pay attention to him.

When he wants to talk, listen. Really listen. Sometimes we are too busy to do many things, listening only with an imperfect heart.

If he does not respond to your love letters, ask him what you think. Then put yourself in the listening position, encourage him to share what happened, and repeat what you think he heard so that he will know that you heard and understood.

This will make him start to feel like he is interested in his life and make him want more.

11. Keep your commitments.


Do what you say you will do, if possible. If you are not able to follow the tempting joke you are talking about because of a last-minute assignment or family situation, make sure you agree.

Tell her why you can't keep that commitment and make sure you rearrange your waiting time alone.

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