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Things You Should Do After Having Intercourse To Avoid Infection

There are some things you fail to do after having intercourse that might increase your risk of infections. After intimacy, you are susceptible to contracting infections but adopting healthy post-intimacy habits can help lessen your risk of infection. 

According to "MedicineNet", some of the things you should do after having intimacy are as follows.

Drink a Glass of Water

It is good to pass out urine after intercourse, therefore water intake after intercourse is important. When you keep yourself hydrated, you'll urinate more, which means that more bacteria will flush out of your body before infections become more intense.

Pass out urine

During intimacy, bacteria can enter the tube that carries urine out of your body. This bacteria makes your risk of contracting infection increase. When you urinate, you pass out those germs. 

Clean Your Intimacy Toys

After you're done using intimacy toys, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can hang around. That means your toys could spread Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other infections. Clean each toy after using them. Don't share toys with other people as that can send germs back and forth.

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Glass of Water


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