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Wedding planning scene

VIDEO: Newly Wedded Couple Cruise In Excavator's Bucket

Wedding days are considered as one of the memorable days in one's life. For this reason, some couples do extraordinary things on their wedding days. Some couples take pride in chariots, horses or fleets of expensive cars for their wedding day.

But looking at the pictures in this article, a newly wedded couple decided to cruise in the bucket part of an excavator. This is not the first time a couple has decided to cruise in an excavator's bucket. We have seen even white couples cruising in excavators. Checking the video very well, the man was in a different bucket of an excavator while the wife was in another.

The Bestman of the groom was captured directing the drivers of these machines to put the two buckets of the excavators together. After it was successful joined together, the groom jumped to join his wife and the couple went their way in the excavator's bucket.

A Massive crowd was captured at the place where this couple demonstrated their love in the excavator's bucket. Some people said that this is dangerous. They argued that the drivers can easily make a mistake or the machine can develop a fault and drop the couples to the ground. Others said that in as much as this style is new to them, they will never try it on their wedding day.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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