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5 keys to developing a healthy and happy relationship

What makes a relationship between two people healthy?

Mutual respect, open communication, and trust are all important components of a healthy partnership. In it, a couple values and enjoys their freedom together, but they also decide to live together as a team in order to accomplish shared objectives.

In a healthy relationship, both partners respect each other's boundaries when it comes to emotional and physical intimacy, creating a situation where both parties "win out" or "add up." The participants of a healthy relationship also experience happiness alone and together. Of course, this does not imply that everything is perfect, but in the event of disagreements, the pair will endeavor to settle them amicably in a thoughtful and beneficial manner.

 The two parties involved must put in effort and devotion to keep their connection healthy. In this regard, having a good relationship requires open communication, freedom, respect, trust, and spending time together. Let's see why!

1. Encourage communication.Maintaining a friendship over time while getting to know the other person is based on dialogue. If this factor is given weight, the discussions will undoubtedly become beneficial to both sides and fruitful. It involves addressing each other's points of view without criticizing or leveling accusations, all with the aim of coming to a mutually beneficial compromise.

2. Freedom is the source of love.No one belongs to anyone in a good partnership, Likewise, each person's privacy and personal space are respected. Sharing life with someone else while avoiding creating dependency is what it means to love freedom. In other words, they are two unique individuals who work well together; they love and compliment one another but are not dependent upon one another.

3. Trust and respect: The foundation of a happy couple is communication, along with mutual respect and trust. Truthfully, to feel love for another person is to respect and trust them; therefore, jealousy would not fall under this description and, in contrast to popular belief, actually jeopardize the quality and longevity of the relationship. 

4. Share quality time: Spending time as a couple is one of the essential seeds for a relationship to bear fruit. Of course, the desire to share moments must be born from how good they make each other feel when they are together. It is clear that each one has her own obligations, such as work, responsibilities, and daily tasks that must be fulfilled, but it is important that both show effort and desire to find opportunities to enjoy quality time together.

5. Embrace diversity.It is the best approach to get to know the pair and comprehend their points of view and way of thinking, even though the differences lead to disputes and arguments. The other person will feel liked and accepted if you take the time to pause and learn what these distinctions are and acknowledged for who they are, with their flaws as well as their virtues.

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