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"I Will Never Give up On My Dying Girlfriend" - Man Cries Out In Pain

A young Rwandan lady aged 22 by name Dativa was faced by a kind of weird infection that is so rare.

An interview with the mother of Dativa, Belissa showed that she began to experience some pains in her knees, her early years of being in high school(at age 15) but she thought it was a normal pain which will in no time be gone.

The pain persisted and as the years went by, her skin developed cracks of which some portions began to peel off as a tree.

This made her loose all her friends with the exception of her boyfriend who was with her throughout her trial moments.

Her case got severe that she couldn't walk again so she had to quit school but as stated early on, her boyfriend kept visiting her to give her words of encouragement and to check on her progress.

As her mum was a single parent, they had to sought to treatment in their little village because they could not afford treatment in the city but despite the numerous health centers they visited, they could get no information telling them about what was wrong with Dativa.

This went on till one day Dativa's mum had a call from someone who faced a similar situation directing them to the health center that could help treat Dativa.

After gathering some money from donates of the society, Dativa was finally sent to the hospital of which she was expected to recover.

According to her boyfriend, she is the only person he intends spending the rest of his life with and is all he has been working for and thus will never give up on her.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

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